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Big Hand celebrate "50 Years On The Road" with a new 10 track album featuring artists like Joe Sun, Claudia Scott, Billy T Band, Casino Steel, Knut Hem, Bjørn Nilsen, Malin Pettersen, A-11, Sugarfoot, Too Far Gone and Bill Booth.


1. Starting All Over Again 3:46 (Johansen / Steel / Nilsen)

2. The Outlaws 3:42 (Johansen / Steel / Nilsen)

     feat. Casino Steel & Joe Sun

3. Gods Own Sailor 3:29 (Johansen / Nilsen)

    Produced by Big Hand and Sugarfoot. feat. Sugarfoot

4. Honky Tonks We’ve Known 3:09 (Troiani / Høye / Johannessen /

    Pettersen) Produced by Big Hand and Billy T Band.

    feat. Billy T Band & Bill Booth

5. I Can See Arkansas 4:03 (Nihan / Newton) Mighty Nice Music (ASCAP)

    Bluewater Music Scandinavia / Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)

6. Follow My Dream 4:12 (Johansen / Scott) feat. Claudia Scott

7. Just Like In The 50´s 3:33 (Johansen / Andersen / Hill)

     Produced by Big Hand. feat. A11 & Malin Pettersen

8. It Took You Away 2:46 (Johansen / Andersen / Hill)

9. Son Of The Mountain 3:46 (Johansen / Scott / Nilsen)

     feat. Too Far Gone

10. Carry On 4:46 (Hill / Cosner / Kenny) Byron Hill Music (ASCAP) /

      Triage Music Inc. (BMI) / P M K Publishing Co. (ASCAP)

      feat. Joe Sun, Casino Steel & Claudia Scott




1. Long Stretch of Freedom 3:33 (Nilsen / Church / Johansen)


Produced by Ernst Nikolaisen, Bjørn Nilsen & Big Hand

Mastered by Amy Marie at Yes Master, Nashville, TN

Cover by Gunnar Knutsen/Tumblewine Films


© 2016 New Cut Music



Available now on all digital platforms, for the first time...


© 2015 New Cut Music