Fra Sulis til Nashville

Ottar "Big Hand" Johansen has had some of his biggest hits ever with singles from his two latest albums; the critically acclaimed "50 Years On The Road" (with the European Top 3 hit; Starting All Over Again) and "Benoni + Big Hand" (with the European Top 5 hit; The Life and Times of a Singing Cowboy).


The new album "Big Hand 70", was released February 13, and might be his best ever. Containing duets with well-known American and Norwegian singers, it is also his final full album.

Lead and Harmony Vocals: Ottar “Big Hand” Johansen.

Guest Vocals: Claudia Scott, Sonny Throckmorton, Casino Steel, Linda Kvam,

Tony Brook, Hannah Huntley, Daniel Røssing.

Backing Vocals: Tracee Meyn, Ida Makeda Dyhre (Track 2).

Acoustic guitars: Ernst Nikolaisen, Bjørn Nilsen, Glen Duncan, Ottar Johansen

Electric guitars: Bjørn Nilsen, Ernst Nikolaisen, Petter Baarli, Mike Durham.

Bass: Ernst Nikolaisen, Bjørn Nilsen, Knut Aune, Liam Hyatt.

Drums and percussion: Wayne Killius, Finn Håkon Werner Borgi, Ernst Nikolaisen.

Keyboards: Billy Nobel, Daniel Røssing, Ernst Nikolaisen, Brage Stølan.

Pedal-steel: Bruce Bouton, Roar Øien.



01. Blue Angel Highway (Johansen / Craven / Nilsen)

02. Missing Out On Me Missing You with Claudia Scott (Nilsen / Budde / Johansen)

03. Keep On Talkin’ with Hannah Huntley (Nilsen)

04. Hat Pack (Kelly / Ellis / Johansen / Nilsen)

05. Baby Don’t Ask with Linda Kvam (Nilsen / Church)

06. Fishermans’ Shoes with Tony Brook (Brook)

07. Long Stretch Of Freedom with Daniel Røssing (Nilsen / Church / Johansen)

08. The Cowboy Rides Away with Sonny Throckmorton (Throckmorton / Kelly)

09. Help Me Make It Through The Night w. Casino Steel & Petter Baarli (Kristofferson)






01. Fra Sulis Til Nashville (Ny 2019) (Johansen / Bang / Nikolaisen)

02. Hverdagshelten (Johansen / Sigvaldsen)

03. Æ Gir Dæ Handa Mi (Andersen / Bang)

04. Hvis Jeg Savner Deg (med Lillian Askeland) (T. Van Zandt / Johansen)

05. Midnight Kafe (Johansen / Bang)

06. Sølvgrå Cadillac (Johansen / Bang)

07. Møt Meg Nå (med Bodø-Oktetten)  (Johansen / Hoff)

08. Syk (Johansen / Alternes / Andersen)

09. Drømmen Din (Johansen / Alternes / Andersen)

10. En Del Av Mitt Hjerte (Ledin / Johansen / E.Olsen)

11. Så Kom Du Te Mæ (Ny 2019 med Per Einar Fjellheim) (Williams / Fjellheim)

12. No I Natt (Svendsen / Bårdstu)

Anders Brodersen

New Cut Music proudly present the debut single “Help Me Hold On” with Anders Brodersen!

1. Help Me Hold On 3:35 (Brodersen - Nilsen)


2. Perfect 4:03 (Dreyer - Vallery - Nilsen)


Produced by Ernst Nikolaisen & Bjoern Nilsen @ WH Studio

Mastering by Morten Lund @ Lunds Lyd

Musicians: Roar Øien, Harry Stinson, Ernst Nikolaisen, Bjoern Nilsen, Ottar Johansen


Anders Brodersen was born and raised in Fauske, a small town in northern Norway. He grew up in a very musical family, and started his band career in his early teens, playing guitar and singing in dance halls, bars and pubs.

Anders is a very talented singer, guitarist and songwriter, and have been testing various kinds of genres. Country Music though, being inspired by Vince Gill a.o., he says; “is closest to my heart”.

He is currently touring with his local band Dusty Boots.


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1. Red Mountain Christmas

    (Nilsen, Johansen, Sun)

2. Song For Sulis - with Mannskoret


3. The Cowboy Rides Away

    (Throckmorton, Kelly)

4. New Moon - live version with Claudia Scott

    (Johansen, Andersen)

5. A Time to Dance and Sing - with Ann-Kristin Dørdal

    (Zachariassen, Joensen, Nilsen)

6. Take Me Back - with Joe Sun & Tore Andersen

    (Johansen, Andersen, Sun, Wasserman)

7. Blinded By Love

    (Jagger, Richards)


Musicians & Producers:

Roar Øien, Ernst Nikolaisen, Knut Hem, Brent Moyer, Aaron Till, Tore Blestrud, Bjørn Nilsen, Knut Aune, Finn Håkon Wærner Borgi,

Paul Oddvang, Anders Stensås, Brage Stølan, Bjørn Haglund, Ivar Brynildsen, Ian Johannessen, Magne Arntsen, Steinar Angler,

Terje Nohr Olsen, Einar Thorbjørnsen, Ottar Johansen.


This collection is produced by Ottar Johansen & Bjørn Nilsen



Joe Sun - Diamonds In The Dust

- American country music legend releases previously unreleased music,

from rocking countryto bedroom ballads


- 15 recovered and remastered cuts from Joe Sun's studio past, recorded between 1976 and 1984

- Recording for the Ovation and Elektra Records labels, Sun charted fourteen singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts


- Has acted in two Hollywood motion pictures (“Marie, A True Story” and “Framed”)

- Joe has also recorded national radio spots for Budweiser and Timberline Boots


Available now!


1. The Life And Times Of A Singing Cowboy 3:12

            (Nilsen /Johansen) New Cut Music

2. You Make Me Shine 4:12

            (Johansen / Church / Nilsen) New Cut Music /

             NonSociety (BMI)

3. Lucky 3:42

            (Nilsen / Church / Johansen) NonSociety (BMI) /

             New Cut Music

4. Arctic Blood 4:14

            (Nilsen / Steel / Johansen) Steelworks / New Cut Music

5. North Atlantic Blues 3:01

            (Hill / Johansen / Nilsen) New Cut Music / Rambler American

             Music (ASCAP) / DHM Admin.

6. Some Lucky Stardust 2:47

            (Sun / Moyer) Fruit Jar Music (BMI) / Gros Ventre

             Music (BMI)

7. Wreck Of Elvis’ Cadillac 2:44

            (Finnigan / Nilsen) New Cut Music

8. Laughter Of Maria 4:07

            (Johansen / Nilsen) New Cut Music

9. The Porch Light Is Burning 3:29

            (Benoni / Loeser / Pierce) Strawboss Music BMI

10. Good Ol’ Boys 3:06

            (Jennings) Rich Way Music inc. (BMI) / Warner –

            Tamerlane  Publishing Comp (BMI)






1. Good Ol' Boys 3:39 (W. Jennings)


Recorded at Snaxville Studio by Tony Rudseter and Henrik Maarud


Vocals: Arne Benoni and Ottar "Big Hand" Johansen

El. and ac. guitars: Bjørn ”Southern” Nilsen

Ac. guitar: Big Hand, Bass: Bjørn Holm, Drums: Henrik Maarud

Pedal steel guitar: Roar Øien


Additional recordings: Arne Benoni Studio.

Mixed at WH Studios by Ernst Nikolisen, Bjørn Nilsen and Big Hand

Mastering: Yes Master, Nashville, TN

Produced by Bjørn ”Southern” NIlsen and Big Hand


© 2016 New Cut Music




1. Echo 3:39 (Rita Bolland)


Vocals: Rita Bolland

Band: Roger Børseth, Hans Bollandsås & Roar Øien

Produced & arranged by Hans Bollandsås, Roger Børseth and Roar Øien

Mixed and mastered by: Roger Børseth


Music video made by Gunnar Knutsen/Tumblewine Films (out Oct. 10.)


© 2016 New Cut Music




In 2015 Big Hand celebrate "50 Years On The Road" with a new 10 track album featuring artists like Joe Sun, Claudia Scott, Billy T Band, Casino Steel, Knut Hem, Bjørn Nilsen, Malin Pettersen, A-11, Sugarfoot, Too Far Gone and Bill Booth.


1. Starting All Over Again 3:46 (Johansen / Steel / Nilsen)

2. The Outlaws 3:42 (Johansen / Steel / Nilsen)

        feat. Casino Steel & Joe Sun

3. Gods Own Sailor 3:29 (Johansen / Nilsen)

       Produced by Big Hand and Sugarfoot. feat. Sugarfoot

4. Honky Tonks We’ve Known 3:09 (Troiani / Høye / Johannessen /

       Pettersen) Produced by Big Hand and Billy T Band.

       feat. Billy T Band & Bill Booth

5. I Can See Arkansas 4:03 (Nihan / Newton) Mighty Nice Music (ASCAP)

       Bluewater Music Scandinavia / Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)

6. Follow My Dream 4:12 (Johansen / Scott) feat. Claudia Scott

7. Just Like In The 50´s 3:33 (Johansen / Andersen / Hill)

        Produced by Big Hand. feat. A11 & Malin Pettersen

8. It Took You Away 2:46 (Johansen / Andersen / Hill)

9. Son Of The Mountain 3:46 (Johansen / Scott / Nilsen)

       feat. Too Far Gone

10. Carry On 4:46 (Hill / Cosner / Kenny)

       Byron Hill Music (ASCAP) /

       Triage Music Inc. (BMI) /

       P M K Publishing Co. (ASCAP)

       feat. Joe Sun, Casino Steel & Claudia Scott



Incl. the single/video:



1. Princess of the Night 3:56 (Saxon: Quinn, Oliver, Gill, Dawson, Byford)

As performed live on the TV-program Trygdekontoret on NRK1


Produced by Ottar ”Big Hand” Johansen & Bjørn Nilsen

Band: Roar Øien, Bjørn Nilsen, Ernst Nikolaisen, Tore Kneppen &
Finn Håkon Werner Borgi


Mix: Johan Kapelrud

Mastering: Kjell Birkeland

Cover: Gunnar Knutsen/Tumblewine Films


© 2016 New Cut Music



1. Long Stretch of Freedom 3:33 (Nilsen / Church / Johansen)


Produced by Ernst Nikolaisen, Bjørn Nilsen & Big Hand

Mastered by Amy Marie at Yes Master, Nashville, TN

Cover by Gunnar Knutsen/Tumblewine Films


Music video made by Gunnar Knutsen/Tumblewine Films


© 2016 New Cut Music



Available now on all digital platforms, for the first time...


© 2015 New Cut Music



1. Red Mountain Christmas 3:12 (Johansen / Sun / Nilsen)


Produced by Ottar ”Big Hand” Johansen and Bjørn Nilsen.

Co-producer: Knut Hem


Ottar "Big Hand" Johansen - vocals

Bjørn Nilsen - guitars, bass, harmonica

Knut Hem - drums, dobro, piano


Cover by Gunnar Knutsen/Tumblewine Films


© 2015 New Cut Music